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Fyora Day Lookup - Neopets Colorbars

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May 31st, 2005

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04:02 pm - Fyora Day Lookup
I know I've posted this type of thing before in Neopets communities, but, I'm in a rush now.

With Fyora Day coming up, I want to submit my lookup for the spotlight.

I've done all the coding myself (but, I know it's not really special or anything). I know it works in IE and Netscape, so I would assume it works in Mozilla and Firefox.

Any suggestions? I don't really have an art program to do anything super amazing with, nor am I great at CSS coding. So, let me know what you think or any changes I should make.


Click here for lookup love!

(x-Posted to every Neopets community I'm in...LoL)

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