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Neopets Colorbars

Neopets is Love!

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Hi! Welcome to neopet_colorbar! This is the community to find and share neopets colorbars, whether they be love or hate. Have fun!

Please read before joining/posting!

Copyright Notice

  • You MUST include the Neopets copyright notice on EVERY ENTRY you post that contains neopets images. This is not our rule, this is Neopets rule.
  • The Neopets copyright notice is - "Copyright 2004 Neopets, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Used With Permission". It is as simple as copy and pasting!


  • Failure to include the copyright notice will result in a warning. After your first warning you will receive a strike every 24 hours until you make the necessary changes. If you do not make necessary changes, the entry will be removed after 72 hours, and you will be banned.
  • You get one warning for every entry that violates this rule, but for now there is no limit on warnings.
  • You get a strike for every entry that is not changed within 24 hours of a warning.
  • Strikes are cumulative and will not be removed.
  • 3 strikes = ban.

  • LJ-Cut entries with more than 3 colorbars. The code for this is or

  • If you are posting a fake cut, please provide at least one teaser.
  • Have fun! Sorry to sound so mean here, but I really don't want a lawsuit over a livejournal community.